This publication was produced under my leadership. I organized a talented team and produced a directory that represents the chamber’s membership. Not only does the book list complete contact information, but it also retains membership and serves as a sales tool for the chamber.

My responsibilities included:

  • Enforcing a timeline
  • Determining a marketing strategy
  • Driving advertising sales
  • Controlling data entry
  • Managing data specialists
  • Guiding a design and layout team
  • Editing and proofreading
  • Resolving database and print listing issues
  • Overseeing the printing process
  • Coordinating mailing and distribution

Click here to download a low resolution pdf file of the publication.


Directory p2
Directory p4
Directory p7

The production process lasts several months, beginning with the printing and distribution of verification forms. Members are advised to update their contact information online or by filling out and submitting a form. Once the information is collected, it is entered into the database.

Directory Process

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