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What do you want to be when you grow up?

As a child I wanted to draw and create stuff. In elementary school, I designed a comic book character for every one of my peers and animated my experiences as a clever fifth grader plotting to take over the world. The following year, I added scenery and music to my masterpiece and transformed my characters into a video game. I remember being so proud of my masterpiece that I brought it to school and shared it with the class. My talent impressed my teachers so much that they allowed me to teach art classes to my fellow classmates. While my preliminary work never grabbed the attention of Nintendo or the Sunday comics, it triggered something inside of me that said, “Hey! You can do this when you’re a grown up, too… and make a living from it!”

In college, I learned how to channel my skills so they would be relevant in the everyday world. I recognized the positive impact of integrating great layout and visuals with business communication. Being a graphic designer gave me a new goal. I would make words look special, text be presentable, and sentences easy to understand.

laptop-400pxAfter graduation, I was hired to do design work and layout for Berks-Mont News, a series of weekly newspapers which at the time included: the Free Press, Saucon Valley News, and the Lehigh Valley News Group (Bethlehem News, Easton News, East Penn News, Parkland News, and Whitehall-Catasauqua News). After a year with the papers, I accepted a position with the Greater Lehigh Valley Chamber of Commerce as a communications manager. After a few years with the chamber, I was promoted to assistant vice president, communications.

Working with the chamber gave me the opportunity to learn about business communications while tapping into my creative expertise. My primary focus was managing Connections, a monthly chamber publication that promotes business growth in the Lehigh Valley, while coordinating internal and external communications for the organization. I lead a team that built a new website and integrated components of a complex database throughout the site. I managed content on the site, streamlined the database, scheduled email blasts, supervised social media initiatives, and consulted business owners in regards to advertising, creative and marketing decisions.

Recently, I decided to spread my wings and start the next chapter of my life.

So here we are today! I’m always interested in hearing from potential clients, former classmates, current and former colleagues, chamber members, or just interesting creative folk. Please feel free to contact me at or connect with me on LinkedIn at

Also, be sure to check out my resume and projects sections.

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